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Email Marketing Tips

by Joel Mangilit
Internet Marketing Consultant

Here are some general email marketing tips and ideas for your campaign.

  • Something as simple as pasting their question in the middle of the reply (not at the end) can make a big difference.
  • If you do reference your Web site address in your reply, give a deep link that goes directly to the answer to the question the customer was looking for.

Case Study: Ebates Converts 20-40% of Its First-time Visitors to Sign Up for Its Email Subscription

  • Result: Using pop-ups and pop-unders on its own site, Ebates has gathered a permission-based house list with more than 6 million names since the company launched in 1999.
  • Issues: Blocking software can kill 10 percent to 20 percent of those pops.
  • Best Practices: Keep pops relevant and easy to use.
  • Define your customer benefit clearly.
  • Cookie users so that registered members don't see opt-in requests anymore.

Shell Oil's Email Marketing Tips and Case Study

  • Outsourced email service.
  • Double opt-in and no address sharing, ever, period.
  • Ask for only pertinent information from sign-ups.
  • Write email in a conversational tone.
  • Message size was limited to 20k.
  • Set up test accounts at Hotmail, Yahoo, in the two most- used versions of AOL, and in Outlook so he could see how emails looked before they were sent.
  • Momentum distributor newsletter averages a 60% open rate.
  • ROTELLA newsletters open rates started at 18% and have steadily moved up a few points with each issue. Now they're at 23% (and we expect to see them hit 30% by the end of the year.)
  • Each opened issue is forwarded between 10-13 times -- this is a remarkably high forwarding amount (in our experience a single forward per average reader is more likely.)

Source: MarketingSherpa.com

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