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Increase Online Conversion Rates

by Joel Mangilit
Internet Marketing Consultant

General Ideas for Increasing Your Website's Conversion Rate

  • Help customers make a buying decision.
  • Prospect > Rapport > Qualify > Present > CLOSE
  • We'd offered a newsletter subscription, but after adding the white paper, conversion went up 7-fold.
  • Reports are that six times as many visitors will buy if questions are answered.
  • Larger product photos and customer testimonials helped conversion rates considerably.
  • Order form headline "Order Right Here, Right Now. It's Secure" won out over the less pushy, "Enter the shipping address for this order."
  • Page layouts without vertical columns performed better.
  • Clarify USP.
  • Reduce the number of clicks.

Case Study:  How PersonalCreations.com Increased Their Online Store Conversion Rates

  • Our business it's a breadth issue, not a depth issue.
  • Home page needed to change -- from pitching a few spotlight items to pitching the idea of buying from this particular site versus all the other gift sites out there.
  • More thumbnails per page from 9 to 12, slightly bigger with a bit more descriptive copy, including price.
  • Moving bestsellers to the first page.
  • Adding more categories.
  • Navigation bar very clean and text-based.
  • Asking for the shipping address first produced more conversions than billing address first.

Case Study: How The Sleep Better Store Improved Their Online Conversion Rates

  • Beautiful images and a heavily detailed navigation bar have been replaced by non-descript text-links.
  • Search-driven clicks converted 500% better than before.
  • Consumers tend to research heavily online prior to buying high priced items.
    Palo Alto.
  • Online sales funneled in from two very different sources; Bplans.com content site and search engines.
  • More focused articles won hands down.
  • Turned popular Q&A content into formal articles.
  • Have a live hotlink to the ecommerce site on each page of the sample (plans).
  • "Decision page" visitors were more likely to continue shopping if they were presented with fewer product options -- especially above the fold.
  • Content above the fold is focused on one pitch.
  • Not-so-great photos of the real-life customers won over slick photos.

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