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I.T. Staff Jobs and Career Path

I graduated college with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Engineering. My first real job that made use of my educational background was the position of an Information Technology Staff in a big Spanish bank that was setting up office in the Philippines.

On my first day, was surprised to learn that I was the only I.T. personnel in the company. And basically had to do it all. Jack of all trades, master of none!

Chronologically here are some of the jobs I performed in the first few months on the job:

  1. Buy equipment such as computers, LAN cables and hubs from a supplier.
  2. Work with the supplier to install a local area network.
  3. Installed a file server.
  4. Installed an email server.
  5. Installed network printers.
  6. Provided technical support and training to all the company employees.
  7. Installed an Oracle database on a Unix server.
  8. Installed a banking software.

Mind you, I learned none of these in college. So I did the basic thing, read the product manuals. Sometimes several times over. Then simply followed the step by step installation guides.

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to be exposed to basic IT tasks. These lay the foundation and jump started my career in the I.T. field. My progression:

  1. IT Staff
  2. IT Assistant Manager after 1.5 years
  3. IT Manager after another 1.5 years
  4. IT Head after another 6 years
  5. VP Position and Country IT head after another 3 years

The jump from IT staff to manager was difficult. The jump from manager to vice president is very, very, very difficult. Not only do you need to have strong technical skills. You must possess excellent communication skills and ability to manage people, problems and projects.

For me it was a long but fun journey. Starting from the bottom.

Wishing you success!


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