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Online Marketing General Ideas

by Joel Mangilit
Internet Marketing Consultant

Some ideas that may help in marketing your business online.

o Invest in highly targeted direct response advertising.
o Understand not everyone is ready to buy.
o Provide alternative actions, including "learn more" and "register."
o Continually tweaking site to get the most possible sales from new traffic.
o Targeting your email follow-up campaigns to get return buyers.
o Search engine optimization; get ranked high by search robots in the no-cost listings.
o Search engine marketing, paying for listings.
o Paid shopping portals such as mySimon, Dealtime, and other middleman sites.
o Improving site's internal search function results.
o Less than 12% of people sort on price on Dealtime.
o Factors that go into the shopper's decision to click through to a merchant: brand, availability, reputation, merchant rating, and total delivered price.

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