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"Bottom line, you will devote less hours to a subject, yet increase your effective study hours by 200%"

"Get Higher Grades -- By Studying Less!"
Prof. Joel Mangilit, www.webphil.com

Did I get your attention? OK, here is how you can get higher grades while devoting less time to a subject:

  • Spend 10 minutes memorizing the course syllabus
  • Before attending class, spend 10 minutes reading through the topics to be discussed
  • During class, be disciplined, and focus 100% of your attention in trying to understand the topic
  • When in doubt, always ask for clarification from the professor
  • Never be absent for class
  • Study for 2 hours for every long quiz and final exams

You might be saying, "THIS IS MORE STUDYING, WORK, TIME, AND EFFORT!" Well, let us compare My Method with Your Method:

Study Effort My Method Your Method
Classroom Hours 42 hrs
(attentive, studying during class)
42 hrs
(present, but not attentive)
Study before class 10 min x 42 classes = 7 hrs 0 hrs
Study for 3 long quiz 1 hrs x 3 = 3 hrs 3 hrs x 3 = 9 hrs
Study for final exam 2 hrs 10 hrs
Total hrs 42 + 7 + 3 + 2 = 54 hrs 42 + 0 + 9 + 10 = 61 hrs
Effective study hrs 54 hrs (higher number is better) 19 hrs

With my method, you will actually devote less man hours to the subject, yet get a higher grade because of the higher "effective study hours." Note that in My Method, the effective study hrs is about 2.5 times better than Your Method. And of course, if you study 2.5 times more than usual, you will get higher grades.

Why does Your Method only compute to 19 effective study hours? It is because I did not include your 42 hours in the class as effective. You might be physically present in class, but if your mind is elsewhere, you are in effect just wasting 1 class hour without learning anything.

Joel Mangilit is an IT professor at the Graduate School of Business of De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines) and is CEO of www.webphil.com.