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Web Form Tips

by Joel Mangilit
Internet Marketing Consultant

Here are some tips when using web forms to improve your online business.

  • Absolute best-converting pages didn't always produce the best customer lifetime values.
  • Not much variance in results: spot colors, and cartoony versus serious logos.
  • More information equals more conversions as long as it's a quick bulleted read and it's all on one page. No hyperlinks.
  • Bulleted list of benefits at the far-right side handily beat out the photo of a human being and the pig cartoon.
  • Number of questions and order of questions produced 10.6% improvements in conversion rates.
  • Page layout was second- most important at +7.2%.
  • Copy order was at +6.9% and introductory copy was at +6.2%.
  • Forms centered in the middle of the page definitely outpulled forms that were flush-left.
  • You probably should be copywriting the actual word(s) on your submission button carefully.
  • Don't just say "submit" or "go".

Case Study: CompUSA Web Form Tips

  • CompUSA buyers who used the site's comparison tool spent 33% more than those who did not.
  • We optimized the shopping cart.
  • Instead of a long form with fields one after another, we put shipping and billing data side by side.
  • We tightened up the form, clarified the copy - put more intuitive instructions and labels.
  • 32% increase in completion rate, 5% increase in store revenue.

Source: MarketingSherpa.com

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