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Youtube Videos Not Buffering

There are times when my PC stops buffering youtube videos during loading. Yet my laptop, connected to the same Internet Service Provider and same hub, buffers youtube videos.

With this, I know it is not a problem of my ISP or internet connection being slow. Research on the internet has not helped solve my problem.

But here is what I discovered and works for me.

  1. Clear all history, temp files and coookies from your web browser. For IE, go to Tools > Delete Browsing History.
  2. Close your web browser.
  3. Physically go to C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\ and try to delete everything in this folder. You might not be able to delete all (I don't know why some cookies cannot be deleted).
  4. Physically go to C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Temp and delete everything inside of this.

Then restart you web browser and try watching youtube to see if it buffers. 

DISCLAIMER: I found this methods works for me with no bad effects. But I do not know how your PC is set up, and what important files you might have stored on the TEMP folder. So if you choose to follow this method, please be informed that there might be negative side effects (e.g. PC stops working), and to proceed at your own risk. I will not be liable for any issues arising from this method. I am merely sharing my personal experience on solving a "youtube not buffering" problem that works for me, which might not work for you.

Wishing you success!


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